The Things We Do…

I learned something new today about fashion and how it continues to torture people’s bodies. I think that if you’ve ever been the unfortunate one to feel the negative side effects of wearing high heels, belts, or a tie to work, not to mention a brace like the one I wear we can all relate to the discomfort caused by fashion and in my case functional necessity.

So my daily revelation came via email to my inbox from, a website that I signed up for that sends health advisories daily. It’s a neat way to stay connected to at least one source of health information. What I learned today is about a condition called “meralgia paresthetica” or more simply put “tight jean syndrome”. Certainly you can guess what the cause and effect is…wear tight jeans and it may cause compression of cutaneous nerves that run from the abdomen to the thigh. Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, and a burning pain in the legs above the knee. Want to learn more? Just hit the link above and read on.



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