Forearm Soreness and Pain?

Are you in an occupation or career that constantly requires using a keyboard and mouse?  Or are you working in trades that are hard on your hands and forearms from doing manual labour? Well here’s a self help tip to start off 2017. It’s called a Cold Arm Bath.

  • fill the kitchen sink with 6-8″ of cold tap water;
  • immerse your forearms completely;
  • keep immersed for a minimum of 30 seconds;
  • towel dry and let your body rewarm the tissue gradually.

If you have a higher tolerance for cold add ice and keep your arms in the water for a minimum of 2 minutes.

The benefits from doing this is increased circulation to your forearms. Cold water sends blood away from the tissue towards your core, a lot like a hypothermic reaction to being out in extreme cold. Once you remove your forearms, your body sends blood back to your forearms to rewarm the tissue. Repeat daily or as you feel fatigued in your forearms or wrists.

Give it a try!

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